Are you Ready for Change?

2nd in a 5 video series on Organizational Effectiveness in Early Childhood Organizations

Make sure you have watched the first video in this series before watching this one.  The knowledge is cumulative from the first video to the last.  However, you can watch them out of order if necessary, but I advise against it.

In this second video, we will explore your organization’s perceived values-fit and perception of a new change initiative or evidence-base program. If your organization’s staff is misaligned with either, there are ways to surface these issues early in the implementation process. This early understanding gives us the opportunity to address these issues before the organization invests in the more costly implementation phase.  The video uses the Pyramid Plus Approach as the program being implemented and Bal Swan Children’s Center as the organization.

Starting anything new in an organization is an investment. It is risky. It costs time and money. It can be painful and awkward. Actually, good investments can lose money in the short-term. As leaders we hope we have weighed the risks & costs against the expected long-term benefits.

Wouldn’t it be great to do a pre-investment assessment? It is important to know your organization’s readiness to do the needed work! At the very least, it is imperative to understand the hidden barriers that may inhibit the return on your organization’s investment.

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