Do your PRACTICES, POLICIES, & PROCEDURES speak louder than your Purpose?

3rd in a 5 video series on Organizational Effectiveness in Early Childhood Organizations

In our third video, we will explore the concept of misalignment using the practices, policies, and procedures (PPPs) of the Pyramid Plus Model implementation method. We will review examples of existing PPPs from other organizations that have successfully supported Pyramid Plus Model implementation. We will learn how to assess and analyze your organization’s current PPPs and determine their alignment with the Pyramid Plus Model implementation method. 

All too often we make decisions with the best intention in mind. We create PPPs. We write them up, send them out, train on them, and reward and punish for the use or lack thereof. To our sadness, after an employee uprising these PPPs seem to contradict your organization’s intent, values, or mission.  This is called misalignment and is a very common problem. What your organization desires is alignment between its PPPs, its underlying assumptions (the WHY) and your staff perceptions of the PPPs (the WHAT). These three together influence your organization’s effectiveness.

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