Have you ever heard of Appreciative Inquiry (AI)?  The last (5 of 5) of the organization development video series for ECE

AI is a philosophy that incorporates an approach and process for engaging people at any or all levels to produce effective, positive change. Every organization has something that works right, things that give it life when it is most alive, effective, successful, and connected in healthy way to its stakeholders and communities. AI begins by identifying what is working and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy, vision, and action for change!  

This one is simple! We will use all the information created in the previous four sessions. We will use AI to create an organization-wide action plan. The action plan will define strategies to remove barriers and create supports for your organization’s successful implementation of the Pyramid Plus Model.
We, as leaders, do not have to do everything by ourselves. In fact if we try, we will likely fail in most large-scale organizational change. It is just too big, too many moving parts, too many individuals and teams. We need our organizational family’s help to have lasting success for ourselves, children, and families.

Also, in our last session, we will explore the stages of change. We will use our new knowledge about our organization’s WHY, WHAT, & PPPs. We will plant our action plan in fertile organizational ground. We will intentionally support the changes needed to implement the Pyramid Plus Model in perpetuity. This will ensure our investment provides the positive life-long impacts on our children and families that we so desire.

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