The first of my 5 part series on how organizational culture and climate effects an organization’s readiness and ability to work with an evidence-based program that uses implementation science as a method of delivery.   The Pyramid Plus Approach is used as the evidence-based program and Bal Swan Children’s Center is the organization trying in implement.  Below is a brief description of the content.  

The WHY and WHAT of your organization’s success or failure!

In the first module, we will discover the WHY your organization does what it does, WHAT your organizational family thinks about it and how it affects your organization’s effectiveness. This understanding will help with your organization’s adoption of the Pyramid Plus Model.

All organizations have unconscious beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and feeling that influence every action. These underlying assumptions can often be impediments or the supports to our success. How do we as leaders know which?

We will learn how to assess your organization’s cultural assumptions & your staff’s perception of organizational climate. We will review and discuss specific survey and interview processes to gather this seldom reviewed organizational data.

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